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Zero-crossing Pulse trigger circuit based on SCR KC07

Published on Oct 26 2010 // SCR special circuit

Zero-crossing Pulse trigger circuit based on  SCR KC07

Zero Trigger KC07 SCR triac switching process can make the power supply voltage or current zero moment is zero trigger. Thus, the load transient inrush current and radio frequency interference minimum, the service life of SCR can be improved. The circuit can be single or three phase motors and electrical non-contact switch. For inductive load and inductive load zero trigger the transfer function is triggered. KC07 can be self DC power supply, external power supply can also be used. Electrical parameters: Supply voltage: a. External DC voltage (12 ~ 16) V. b. DC supply voltage from the students: (12 ~ 14) V. Supply current: = l8mA. Zero detect the maximum peak input current: 10mA. Output pulse: a. Pulse amplitude: 13V. b. Maximum output capacity: 50mA (pulse width of 400┬Ás or less), can be extended. C. Output back pressure: BVceo = l8V (test conditions: Ie = 100pA). Input control voltage: "l" level or "0" level. Peak current voltage input from the students: 8mA. Allows the use of ambient temperature:-l0 ~ 70 ?.

pin-zero current detection limit of the choice of resistor R2 can be calculated as follows:
application circuit
plot points to get more than 200mA if the trigger current connection as shown below.
extended connection