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Wireless alarm system with different languages using 555 RX5017

Published on Apr 11 2011 // Alarm Control Circuit

Wireless alarm system with different languages using 555 RX5017.

Shown for the use of the language of wireless alarm circuit memory chips. The alarm by the FM transmitter, time base circuit 555, regulator circuit and the main chip RX5017 constituted by language the language of memory and other components. The figure 555 and R2, W1, C7 form astable multivibrator, the oscillation frequency f=l.44 / (R1Rwl) C7, its size can be changed by adjusting the W1. IC2 chip using language RX5017, pin power supply terminal, terminal pin to keep the information storage, the D2 connection by 6V batteries to prevent power outages, the trigger pin for recording side, depending on the desired alarm condition, the terminal can be connected microphone for recording on a recording storage time to 6 seconds, playback trigger for the end of the foot, press the key K2, the IC2 is in the playback mode. Chip IC3 (555) of the output signal by the DC blocking capacitors C5, D3 added to the IC2 feet by 555 square wave oscillator output high to control the playback state of IC2. IC2’s playback output signal (foot) was added to the FM transmitter capacitor C4, through the antenna-to-air launch.
In fact, the use of language signals stored in the chip can be realized burglar alarm, fire, water alarm and group alarm. The circuit can be used with human infrared sensor, short circuit or open circuit sensors, sensing the Doppler effect to form a first-class alarm system, controlled by the sensor head above the power supply off the circuit (K1), to achieve unattended alarm, and composition of group channel wireless alarm system.