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Water level control circuit using 555

Published on Apr 26 2011 // Water level control circuits

Water level control circuit using 555.

Shown for the level control circuit. The control circuit consists of step-down circuit, 555 trigger circuit (IC1, IC2), relay control circuit. One buck rectifier circuit for the entire control circuit to provide DC voltage trigger circuit IC1 corresponds to the low water level pump water tower control circuit, trigger circuit IC2 high water pumping wells corresponding control circuit.
When the tower the water level probe in B, D when the water level higher than the tower, IC1 feet for the “ground” potential, set to IC1 occurs, feet high output pull the relay J1, contact J1-1 closed, due to get electricity and water pumping operation of the motor, for pumping; when the water level rose to probe A, the corresponding reduction IC1, the output of the low to J1 release, contact J1-1 break, stop off pump transfer to automatically control the water level on the tower.
The probe is placed in wells B, D, under normal circumstances should be at a certain depth below the water surface, so IC2 (555) due to the reset pin is high 2, the output pin low to pull J2, J2-2 contacts close. As a result of continuous pumping leaving B, D high on the water surface when the probe, IC2 is low because of the foot occurs set, J2 pin output high to the release, contact J2-2 off, motor off Power stopped in order to avoid the motor idling, while the water level of wells tested.