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Voltage rectifier and regulator circuit for motorcycle

Published on Mar 17 2011 // Electrical Circuits

Motorcycles magneto power supply by the car. Magneto output voltage by rectifier regulator car voltage regulator, the supply of electric car use and to charge the battery. At present, many motorcycles are widely used parallel switching regulator rectifier, shown in Figure 1. The device is the magneto output voltage when the rated voltage, internal voltage regulator using thyristor rectifier SCR1 and SCR2 turns on the output of the magneto achieved clipping voltage regulated. Thus, during the day, the car’s electrical power is not large, but most of the time in the SCR turn short-circuit condition, the magnetic energy generated by the motor much wasted, as heat consumed, the energy consumption in the final analysis fuel consumption. It is estimated that one year Wuyang Honda WH125T car on the consumption of fuel regulator rectifier at least 30L (day by running 1 hours), fuel consumption is considerable.)
If there is such a device in the car’s electrical power and battery power is not enough, they can cut off the generators of the power supply circuit, we can achieve fuel economy purposes. The device is designed according to this thinking. The test, which fully meet the expected results.

Voltage rectifier and regulator circuit for  motorcycle.

The unit circuit shown in Figure 2. AC magneto output voltage through the rectifier diode D1 ~ D6 after the two routes into a pulsating DC voltage output. All the way from the Q1, Q2, Q3, R1, R7, DW1, and C2 components of a typical transistor series voltage regulator 16V output voltage after the regulator, the D8 to charge the battery; another pass filtering D7 C1 after the isolation, IC1 regulator be stable 12V DC power supply voltage on the operational amplifier IC2 and IC2 via resistor R6 connected to the pin for reference voltage ②, the battery voltage by R4, R5, after the partial pressure of ③ sent to IC2 pin as a comparison voltage. When the battery voltage drops below 14.4V, the increase compared to the IC2 ③ pin 12V voltage than the reference voltage pin ② low, low output operational amplifier, Q4 deadline, Q1 ~ Q3 normal output voltage of 16V. When the battery when the voltage higher than 14.4V, IC2’s ③ ② feet higher than the comparison voltage reference voltage pin, IC2 output high, Q4 saturated conduction, streaming out into the Q3 base current, thus causing the output voltage of Q1Q2 dropped significantly, D8 end, to stop the battery charging and the electrical power supply. At this point, the car’s electrical power by the battery. Again when the battery voltage is lower than 14.4V, then the IC2 and the output low, Q1, Q2 and the normal output. Obviously, when the battery is fully charged, the magnetic motor work in almost empty state, rather than the conventional rectifier voltage regulator as in the large load short-circuit state, which reached the energy-saving purposes. R3 circuit positive feedback resistor for the IC2, R7 to the deadline for the Q1Q2 to trickle charge the battery, D9’s role is to ensure that certain trace zero-drift operational amplifier output does not lead to Q4 turns on, and malfunction.
Circuit Debugging
Good as long as the components of the circuit, usually after a good weld without debugging. If you want to change the battery charge termination voltage, simply by changing the resistance of R4 or R5, the voltage change IC2 ③ the size of the foot can be sampled.
Q1, Q2 in the installation of additional heat sink is required, after the circuit connected together with epoxy resin. Removal of the original rectifier regulator car, the A, B, C three termination to the magnetic motor output, such as the original car for the single-phase motor magnetic motor, you can only pick any two ends. D, E connected to the original output of the regulator rectifier. If the original car battery used as 6V, should the circuit switch IC1 and DW1 are 9V regulator 78L06 and the other components are not changed.