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UV mosquito circuit for domestic purpose

Published on Mar 15 2011 // Pest Control Circuits

This article describes a simple circuit, low cost and easy production of UV mosquito circuit.
  1. Electric circuit and the principle of mosquito
   Circuit shown in Figure 1. It consists of UV lamp emitting circuit, high voltage DC generator, high pressure circular grid and so on. UV lamp emitting UV lamp circuit by the composition of H and capacitor C1, the DC high voltage generator consists of diodes D1, D2, potentiometer W, resistors R1, R2, capacitor C2. One-way thyristor SCR, the pulse transformer T and the current limiting resistor R3 and so on.
   After the power circuit in Figure 1. The power of positive half cycle rectified by the diode D1, through the step-down current limiting resistor R1, R2 and potentiometer W, respectively, the anode to the one-way and control of thyristor SCR to provide a very positive voltage. Adjust potentiometer W. So that the channel voltage to control the trigger voltage pole, one-way thyristor SCR will turn on, capacitor C2 through the pulse transformer T primary winding and one-way thyristor SCR discharge. C2 greater capacity of the secondary pulse transformer T, the higher the voltage sensor. When the supply voltage changes from positive to zero, one-way thyristor SCR is less than the current due to flow through the holding current and shutdown. After the one-way pipe SCR crystal illustrates the power supply to withstand the reverse voltage. Trigger pulse until the next cycle of control again added to the re-turn on the pole. Potentiometer to change the value of W. To change the size of the conduction angle, which can change the output voltage level. Because of frequent one-way thyristor SCR on and off, the formation of high-frequency oscillations in the pulse transformer secondary winding on T induces a high voltage 10000V to 15000V. By the D2 rectifier high voltage silicon stack to form the circular electric line DC high-voltage attack.
   When the power is switched on 220V AC, the UV lamp H is lighted. The wavelength of 253.7nm. Phototaxis by mosquito lure mosquitoes. When the mosquitoes toward the UV lamp time. Must be touched to the circular high voltage power grid. The results of electric shock and died.

UV mosquito circuit for domestic purpose.

2. The choice of components
   Pulse transformer T can be chosen from the TV, 12-14 inch black line output transformer.
   H UV lamp power can be used 3W. High-voltage power grid to be made round, wire grid can be used in the plastic frame around f0.5mm on the isolation around the system, shown in Figure 2. Note that two wire A, B can not have any contact, otherwise it will cause a short circuit, the distance between the two is more appropriate to 2mm.
   3. Production and commissioning
   In addition to the electric shock mosquito printed circuit boards, high-voltage power grid need for self-circular, the other components can be bought finished assembly. When the lamps installed in the rotary screen production, the remaining components are installed in a box. If the components well, the installation is correct, the power, adjust potentiometer, the electric shock mosquito is able to work properly. Although the high-voltage electric shock mosquito, but the current in the microampere level, the use of security, even if accidentally touched, just look at it like a needle, do not panic. Use, plug in the power plug, rotary potentiometers with a power switch, to power. Continue to generate rotation can hear the high-pressure, circular net in the UV lamp light. Thus, the electric shock mosquito that is making a success. Not, the reverse rotary potentiometers to turn off the power.
  4. Use the following precautions:
   (1) normal height when the rotary screen hanging in order to obtain the good effect of controlling mosquitoes and prevent the children touch.
   (2) The best source in the case of no use, so as not to affect the mosquito effect. Generally after the opening of the bed.
   (3) within 2 minutes off, because the Internet does not discharge the charge is completed, staff may shock, so do not touch.
   (4) As the harmful ultraviolet radiation on the human body and eyes, so the lamp power should not be too large, do not look directly at the lamp.