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Ultrasonic repellent circuit

Published on Jan 11 2011 // Pest Control Circuits

Ultrasonic repellent circuit.

The circuit is capable of firing ultrasound, the frequency range 25kHZ ~ 65kHZ, NE556 dual time base circuit, the first time base circuit connected to frequency adjustable (1 ~ 3Hz) astable multivibrator, the second time base circuit connected as an astable multivibrator, but it has a fixed oscillation frequency of about 45kHz, 25 ~ 65kHz frequency range, through C2 (C2 for the first time base circuit timing capacitor) coupled to the voltage across (via T) the second time base circuit of the control voltage terminal (11 feet) to achieve the radiation component is the piezoelectric ultrasonic loudspeakers.
  The benefits of adjustable frequency drive can adjust the optimal frequency of different objects, insect repellent effects? Be interested in feedback from practice back after the message was clear to the users to share, and the circuit a few years ago in an electronic circuit manual to find, I’m sorry, because every time is longer, forget where to find this manual, please understanding. Flooding control effective? Test after that.