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Ultrasonic remote controlled level circuit

Published on Apr 26 2011 // Automatic control circuits

Ultrasonic remote controlled level circuit.

Circuit shown in the figure, which includes the ultrasonic transmitter and ultrasonic receiver, the control circuit in two parts. The use of ultrasonic in the air have a greater propagation loss of this feature, as well as in gases, liquids, etc. The transmission characteristics of different media, using Figure (a) shows the separate emission of ultrasonic technology, used to measure distance, level or the material level and so on. The circuit principle is the use of large capacity of the tank level indication and control, according to the transmission of ultrasound transmitted from the surface and back surface emission signal strength, and dissemination of distance, surface low, the signal attenuation; High liquid level, strong signal, the ultrasonic transmitter and receiver placed in the first large capacity top of the tank, level indicator can be carried out and control.