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True RMS power measurement system monolithic AD8362’s input protection circuit

Published on Jan 05 2011 // Power Measurement Circuits

True RMS power measurement system monolithic AD8362's input protection circuit.

By the monolithic AD8362 True RMS power measurement system level constitutes a true RMS measuring circuit
The circuit components are used AAD8362

Constituted by the AD8362 RMS level meter circuit as shown, AD8362’s output voltage directly to the digital voltmeter (DVM). It should be noted, due to DVM reading with the measured voltage is proportional to the logarithm of RMS, so it belongs to the voltage level measuring instrument, the display unit is dBv. In the measurement of high frequency RF signal input, you must take the following measures: First, to increase the input decoupling capacitor (or RC decoupling network), the second is to minimize the input signal leads, decoupling capacitors and ground lead wire length. +5 V power supply decoupling network consists of R1, C1 and C2 form, the C1, C2 in parallel can reduce the impedance of the capacitor. CHPF, CDEC, CCPL and CLPF for the corresponding pin decoupling capacitor, the specific capacity should be lower as the frequency of the signal fL may be. For example, high-frequency signals in the measurement of electric capacity CHPF should be very small in order to shorten the response time; measuring low-frequency signals (such as fL = 100Hz) when, CHPF 10µF desirable to ensure the filtering effect, when response time is about 20µs.