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Triode circuit with MAX232

Published on Mar 14 2011 // Device application circuits

Organic friends may ask, why use the MAX232 IC fabrication transistor 6688 on behalf of the data line, in fact Jiangzi drops to bear with me …. …
When I passed Liuzhou, not to the boarding time to look around in the second-hand mobile phone market, did not expect to find that beloved little 8, parts only original 540MA battery and 32M cards, shell little old, the hardware 20 Software 10. Case should not be opened. Tried to function properly, MMC card is also good. Won the 180 meters final bargain. Then return to your port …. I did not expect Guigang not buy the data cable. Halo, no data cable how to upgrade? What a small 8 mean …. do not upgrade the Internet hosts a small circuit 8 data lines. A data plan to produce their own line. Immediately ran to the market to buy electronic components, but it can not find the MAX232 the manifold …. halo ~ ~
With his iron play the electric network has N years, and how to say can not give up. Internet search again MAX232’s internal circuitry, and finally understand how it works, so use two transistors on behalf of the MAX232, completed the data curve. Production cost is lower than MAX232 ….
Well, now gives the MAX232’s internal circuits and transistors do I use 6688 data cable schematics, to some, like me, can not buy in the remote mountains of data lines, then buy MAX232 oil reference ~

Triode circuit with MAX232

Pictured above is the MAX232’s internal circuit
Here is what I made on behalf of the MAX232 with the transistor’s 6688 data cable schematic, C7 capacitor negative pressure:

 Triode circuit with MAX232 2