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Touch-type water supply valve control circuit using 556 IWH8778

Published on Apr 26 2011 // Water level control circuits

Touch-type water supply valve  control circuit using 556 IWH8778.

Shown regular water supply for the hand-touch control valve circuit. The control valve by the buck rectifier circuit, bistable trigger circuit IC2-1 (1 / 2556), timing circuit IC2-2 (1 / 2556), relay control circuit. Buck rectifier circuit IC1 (IWH8778), IC2 (556), etc. to provide DC voltage VDD=12V. When the touch when the metal M2, IC22-1 and C2, C3, D12, D13 bistable trigger circuit consisting of flip occurs, the output pin high close to BG2, BG1 conduction, and light LED2, which has the single stable circuit IC2-2 flip, regular time is td=1.1 (R3Rw1) C6, the IC2-2 IC1 pin output high to turn the power switch, pull the relay J, J1-1 contacts closed, DF energized solenoid valve open, water. Time to time, IC1 off, to stop water. When the switch K set to "2" position, the artificial drainage status and needs to close, the touch M2 cease water.