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Touch lamp switch circuit

Published on Mar 15 2011 // Lighting Display circuits

If you install a home lamp touch sensor switch, when used not only give you pleasure, but also allows you to use more convenient.

Touch lamp switch circuit.

The unit circuit shown in Figure 1 ( Click here to download the schematic diagram ). When the manual touches the metal contacts A, the human body through the clutter signal will be added to the time base circuit C3 feet 2, 2 pin is triggered, the flip-flop flip, 3 pin output high, output by the current limiting resistor R added to the SCR control pole, VS SCR conduction, ZD lit.
Need to turn off the lights, the hand touches the metal B, sensor signals are added to the time base circuit C4 6 feet, 6 pin is triggered, 3 pin output low, while the cut-off thyristor trigger current loss, lights go out. Circuit C3, C4 is the coupling capacitance, but also to prevent the destruction of individual components electrical phenomena caused by anesthesia. Circuit C1, C1, VD, VDW component 6V DC power supply.