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Touch electronic switch interlock circuit

Published on Apr 18 2011 // Switch Control Circuits

Works see below, 74LS374 one characteristic, namely, the rising edge of the CLK (from 0 to 1), the D-side state can latch to Q end; the use of CD4069 inverter’s input impedance characteristics, to achieve the touch operation.

Touch electronic switch interlock circuit.

Normally, the inverter input to output of RC is 0, when the touch-i-way into (i = 0,1 … 7), the human body sensor signals were transmitted by the inverter side and CLK Di 74LS374’s side: then Di = 1, the CLK-side with the rising edge of the conditions, D-side (except for Di = 1, the rest is 0) status is latched to the Q-side (Qi = Di = 1), the corresponding LED light; When the signal disappear (that is not touch) is to maintain the original state, no longer due to the rising edge of CLK-side conditions.
  Therefore, only the light of a light touch all the way to achieve a reliable indication of the electronic switch and interlock purposes.