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Thermal airflow sensor using LM334

Published on Jul 03 2014 // Humidity Sensor Circuit

This figure is a hot airflow sensor constituted by the LM334, etc.. LM334 (2) for measuring the temperature of the hot gas stream (Ts); LM334 (1) for measuring the ambient temperature (TA). LM334 thermodynamic temperature ofthe temperature sensor is converted to 214µV lK voltage, Therefore, if the measured (Us-UA) of the voltage difference
can be obtained (Ts-TA) the temperature difference. The circuit by circuit consists of RP1, R3 and VTl been constituted voltage Ul with UA, while US = UA + Ul, therefore, TS = TA + TI (ie Ul/2l4µV). (Ts-TA) from the difference between the temperature set RP1. U2 through a buffer amplifier A2 and corrected to 0 a 5V, the output signal stream temperature equivalent U.

Constituted by the thermal airflow sensor LM334, etc.