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The GPS receiver circuit based on the GP2015 RF

Published on Jul 15 2010 // GPS Receiver Circuits

The GPS  receiver based on the GP2015 RF front-end circuit1

The GPS receiver based on the GP2015 RF front-end circuit4

Figure shows the GPS receiver based on the GP2015 RF front-end circuit. GP2015 is a GPS receiver RF front-end circuitry, providing a low-power, low cost and high reliability of the GPs RF front-end solution. GP2010 performance with the same use of TQFP-48 package and operates supply voltage of 3V ~ 5V, power consumption 200mW (3V voltage). Ll (1575.42MHz) C / A (Coarse-Acquisition) code signals through the antenna and low noise amplifier input to the GP2015, GP2015 output is a digital signal 2bit. GP2015 includes an on-chip synthesizer, mixer, automatic gain control (AGC), and a provider of digital output symbol and magnitude of the quantizer to form a complete GPS receiver RF front-end circuit requires only minimal external components.The GP2021 12-channel GPS correlator and GP4020 GPS baseband processors are suitable for C / A code GPS satellite receivers, time standards, navigation and measurement applications.