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The GPS receiver based on TQ5638 down converter circuit

Published on Oct 05 2010 // GPS Receiver Circuits

The GPS receiver based on TQ5638 down converter circuits

KPCS CDMA and GPS mode of a down converter . IF range of 80MHz ~ 230MHz, use an external tuner . Low-noise amplifier (LNA) with an adjustable 3 -order intercept point (IP3), so that the impact of each harmonic intermodulation reduced to a minimum. Mixer IF output is differential form (for GPS mode , which can be single-ended or differential output form) , with excellent linearity and low noise figure. TQ5638 by 4mm × 4mm MLF-24 package. TQ5638 meet the TLA / EIA 98-C wireless communication standard for KPCS CDMA and A-GPS applications. As shownTQ5638 of the GPS receiver down converter circuit.