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The GPS receiver based on GP4020 baseband processor circuit

Published on Jul 15 2010 // GPS Receiver Circuits

The GPS receiver based on the GP4020 baseband processor circuit

Fifgure shows  the GPS receiver based on the GP4020 baseband processor circuit. GP4020 is a complete GPS receiver digital baseband processor, which combines the GP2021 with 12-channel correlator function and an advanced ARM7TDMI (Thumb) microprocessors. With this components the receiver circuit gains the features such as a high level of integration, reducing the GPS receiver system cost, lower power consumption, an increase of functionality. The correlator GP4020 contains 12 parts of the same tracking modules, each channel with regard to capture and track all the necessary components, as well as other functional modules. If you do not need 12 channels, a single channel may not activate in order to reduce power consumption and processor load. GP4020 microprocessor section includes Firefly MFl microcontroller core, including ARM7TDMI, Thumb instructions, Firefly Build modules, JTAG ICEBreakerTM debug interface, UART, Build serial I / O, general-purpose I / O and watch door dog function.

With GP4020 we have the advantages that, we can configure the external data bus; have a supply voltage 3.3V; can operate with a low power mode; 1PPS UTC output; BμLD serial 3-wire input / output (BSIO) interface; eight general-purpose input / output (GPIO ) interface; boot ROM . ART uploaded to the software; 8KB of internal SRAM; using PQVP-lOO package; Operating temperature range -GP2015 and GP4020 with GP2010C / A code RF down-converter connected directly constitute the GPS navigation systems, GPS measuring receiver systems.