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TDA7250 driven 100W amplifier circuit

Published on Mar 07 2011 // Audio Recorder Circuits

In the self-made power amplifier circuit, the biggest headache than the differential pair transistor circuit and zero drift, a power amplifier tube to careless also rushed … … Well now you can try TDA7250.
  TDA7250 SGS-THOMSON for the company produced a power amplifier driver IC, which has the following features:
  * Simple peripheral circuits, making easy;
  Support for a wide voltage range: 2V-90V (± 10V-± 45V);
  * Has no zero drift temperature compensation control circuit;
  • Power transistor overcurrent protection;
  * Mute / standby functions;
  * Less power consumption;
  * Low harmonic distortion: PO = 40W, fo = 1KHz THD = 0.004% when
  * Output power 60W/8O, 100W/4O.
  The following is the application circuit:

TDA7250 driven 100W amplifier circuit 1

 TDA7250 driven 100W amplifier circuit 2

 TDA7250 driven 100W amplifier circuit 3

TDA7250 driven 100W amplifier circuit 4

Circuit can be seen from the above principle is to detect over-current protection TDA7250 resistor R11, R12, R13, R14 the voltage. When the transistor over-current, in accordance with U = I · R, draw resistance increases the voltage to reach a certain voltage, TDA7250 transistor base voltage will be zero, so as to achieve the role of the transistor over-current protection. Resistors R14, R15, R16, R17 to the negative feedback loop, the gain of the circuit from the R14, R15 and R16, R17 determine the ratio, the formula GV = 1 + R14/R16 or GV = 1 + R15/R17.
  The following are the PCB diagram, component diagram and sent to PCB mill arrangement for processing PCB map.