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Swinging LED electronic clock circuit by a Single chip

Published on Oct 29 2010 // Micrcontroller circuits

Swinging LED electronic clock circuit by a  Single chip

Now a very popular concert swing LED light sticks, and today we will make a swing under the original’s LED electronic clock.
Process Analysis:
    This production is based on principle of persistence of vision, so that a row of eight LED for reciprocating movement in the air showing the eight-character display, can display digital or English characters. Start after the first show "Welcome!" Welcome character (see Figure 1), re-entering the clock display. Display also shows "when", "sub", "second" information, with ":" to separate (see Figure 1).

Boot screen and running
   Show points "normal operation", "transfer points" and "transfer time" three states. When in the state of adjustment, the adjusted items will flash for identification. To do this, set the three adjustment buttons, one for "status button", one for the "key addition", one for the "subtraction key." (See Figure 2)

Key settings and voice coil motor assembly

    Dynamic part of the roll bar hard drive removed from the waste using the voice coil motor (see Figure 2), driven by DC motor drive.
    Structure, the voice coil motor mounted directly on the million with the board, the million around with the plate studs with four hardened organic synthesis with a transparent one, constitute a support base roll bar. (See Figure 3).

Million with a base plate and the organic composition and the base plate side
Parts steps:
1. Structure and layout of the motherboard shown in Figure 4

Motherboard layout and roll bars on the LED
2. LED welding, the LED in the circuit board feet across the way at both ends of welding. The LED closely packed together.
3. LED on the roll bar and the signal on the motherboard connector with flexible cable, power supply accounts for two voice coil motor, LED signal transmission accounted for 9, so at least 11 emission lines.

Cables and extension spring
4. To maintain a balance of roll bars, roll bars at both ends of the axis of rotation close to the installation of two extension spring, the specifications of these two try to keep the same tension spring, elastic intensity should be moderate, it is best to look for several specifications of the test test. (5)
5. Reversible DC motor with drive way, drive voice coil motor back and forth. Let the motor is, reverse many ways, the most typical is the H bridge circuit driving, H bridge circuit shown in Figure 11, commonly used in the figure three tubes instead of switches.