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Smart Pulse Charger Schematic for electric bicycle

Published on Mar 17 2011 // Electrical Circuits

Intelligent pulse electric bicycle charger schematic
Voltage-driven pulse width modulator TL494
Features and functions TL494
Texas Instruments TL494 is a voltage-driven production of pulse width modulator, can monitor computer systems such as circuit switching power supply circuit, TL494 can be connected as the output transistor common emitter and emitter follower in two ways, which can Select double-ended push-pull output or single-ended output mode, the push-pull output mode, driving pulse of its two 180 degrees, and in the single-ended mode, the two driving pulses for the same frequency and phase.
TL494’s internal functional block diagram as shown below:

 Smart Pulse Charger Schematic for electric bicycle  1

 Smart Pulse Charger Schematic for electric bicycle  2

1IN +, 1IN-, 2IN +, 1IN-input; FEEDBACK feedback; DTC dead time control; CT Timing capacitor; RT timing resistor; GND ground; C1, C2 collector 1,2; E1, E2 emitter 1,2; Vcc power; OUTPUT CTRL output control; REF benchmarks.