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Simple phase sequence indicating circuit

Published on Mar 16 2011 // Instrumentation and Tester Circuits

Three-phase AC power supply phase sequence is an extremely important parameter, the access of the three-phase three-phase AC induction motor phase sequence determines the direction of rotation. In some cases, the phase sequence error will damage the electrical equipment.
Below is a simple and practical phase sequence indicating circuit, only the phase sequence of three-phase alternating current phase sequence shown exactly the same, light emitting diodes LED1 and LED2 will also light. Figure NPN type transistor Tr1 and Tr2 model is the BC547, the Bcbo = 50V, ICM = 200mA, PCM = 500mW. Z1 and Z2 is a 12V Zener diode, the other components are common.
Description: The circuit is designed to be connected with 380V three-phase alternating current, be sure to pay attention to safety

Simple phase sequence indicating circuit.