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Serial to RF convertor using P87LPC764

Published on Aug 03 2010 // Micrcontroller circuits

AT88RF Circuit

The P87LPC764 is a 20-pin single-chip microcontroller designed for low pin count applications demanding high-integration, low cost solutions over a wide range of performance requirements.

This circuit is used to send the serial port datas through RF. The speciality of this circuit is, that we can send the datas to long distance. Normally, with the serial port of the Microcontroller, we cannot send datas to long distance, this circuit makes it possible. To make it possible, this circuit is used. The transmission circuit connected to the Microccontroller sends the signal through RF coils. The signal frequency is changed to Rf frequency first and it is transmitted.In the receiver side, if a same set up is placed, the data can be received over long distances.