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Self-made mini-chip programmer

Published on Jul 06 2010 // Micrcontroller circuits

This self made Mini-programmer is easy to develop and is tested to prove that it is simple and reliable, easy to produce.This is a programmer which is much helpful for a practical programmer. The features of it are:

1. Support for a chip model Support for the current market share of the most classic and the largest ATMEL produced AT89C51, C52, C55 and the latest S51, S52; AT89C1051, 2051,4051 and other chips. 8051 MCU Learning Network in particular to improve the appearance of lines and is currently the most economical, beautiful and convenient and practical small-scale 8051 Microcontroller Programmer

2. The use of serial communication chips to automatically determine, programming in the process of erasure, Shao Xie, verify a variety of operating entirely by the programmer on the monitoring chip 89C51 control, PC configuration and its frequency is not affected.

3. Using high-speed baud rate for data transmission, tested, a 4K ROM’s AT89C51 only requires 9.5S, while the reading and verification requires only 3.5S.

4. Small size, eliminating the need for bulky external power adapter, USB port directly 5V power supply, easy to carry, ideal for beginners to learn the requirements of microcomputer 8051.

5. Friendly software interface, menus, toolbars, shortcut keys and complete, all the Chinese operations, to provide encryption, you can protect your creative property rights. Can be said to sparrow may be small, fully-equipped!

6. Functional, with the program, read, verify, and air checks, erase, encryption and other series of functions;

7.40pin and 20pin socket locking, all the devices are entirely in first foot alignment, no additional jumpers, for DIP package devices do not require any adapters.

Note: Given below is the schematic diagram, we have gone through after the experiment, after some amendments, the following points: A schematic diagram of the data in the original crystal Connection incorrect, resulting in the signal rather unstable. Two original resistors in the signal are 10k, we found that instead 4k7 resistors better. To this end all of the 10k are changed to 4k7. The original partial pressure in the 12v circuit using a 560/220ohm, we found that resistance is too small leading to large power consumption. Max232 temperatures seriously. Instead 2k2/560r results better. For all of the electrolytic capacitors replaced 4.7uf/25v small size capacitors, appearance and better look at some.

Self-made mini-chip programmer