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Self-made high-power laser flashlight

Published on Mar 15 2011 // Lighting Display circuits

Pull the wind has a laser gun, believed to be in a lot of small children dream of P, which is then laser pointer causes a pandemic. But toys do not exceed 5mW laser pointer general power, apparently unable to meet the majority of people want the destruction hidden inside, but the power (output power of 150mW or more) of the laser transmitter is very expensive and difficult to get, then we are the dream of many years doomed to burst it? No, just follow the MCG provides a way to spend a small amount of time and money, a high-power laser will be able to create their own flashlight, although this stuff, have failed to kill in an instant, but to little candles, bullying about small animals is no problem.
Materials articles

Self-made high-power laser flashlight circuit 1

First need an old DVD burner (which people can buy the new meters, MCG will not stop you), desktop PC drive or notebook drive will do, as long as there is no aging of the laser head to be scrapped. It is best to 16X, and 16X recording head because of the light output power (up to 250mW), of course, the also make do with 8X, but much less power, and generally only 140mW, lethality reduced.

 Self-made high-power laser flashlight circuit 2

The right to buy a flashlight, small flashlight can also be T-shaped, but not too compact size, while the most important light bulb (preferably a single light bulb) can be completely unloaded, so as to facilitate transformation. Flashlights are sold in major supermarkets, priced from 20 yuan to several hundred per month, required it to buy the most expensive, of course, do not forget to buy a few corresponding specifications of the battery.

Self-made high-power laser flashlight circuit 3

The key component is the laser module, which is not a good thing to buy in Taobao, so it is best to a local electronics market Amoy Amoy to find a professional manufacturer of direct marketing outlets or resellers. We need to be smaller than the diameter of the laser module diameter flashlight, while the head of the laser module can be unloaded separately. As to the power of the laser module the size of down does not matter, anyway, the last is to replace the laser diode, so buy the cheapest you can 5mW laser module, such as industrial 5mW red laser can focus, about 20 yuan.
Production of articles

Self-made high-power laser flashlight circuit 4

The first step of course is the demolition drive. To drive the bottom-up upside down, unscrew the four corners with a Phillips screwdriver the screw, the bottom cover removed you can see my shoes after the two integrated circuit boards. Then the big board on both sides of the snap forced open, unplug the circuit boards of various positive and negative cable to connect it up is up. Commonly referred to under the circuit board is located below the head, between two metal slider in the slider at both ends, to find the mounting screws, just to the left of the slider down the bottom of a screw, you can put slider and the head with the root taken down from the drive.

 Self-made high-power laser flashlight circuit 5

Shining bald positive lens component is a lens, the transformation of our completely useless to the real light emitting device – the laser diode, the internal components in the head. The fixed laser diode screws too small, then one by one to screw it is strenuous, anyway, the drive is doomed to waste, and simply direct it with a screwdriver to pry bold. The lens part of the first Qiaodiao adhesive to the internal components can be seen in the head shield laser diode, and then forced open the metal cover fixed protection, you can easily get it out. Finally, laser diode welding solution guard the rear of the two joints, remove the laser diode for use.

 Self-made high-power laser flashlight circuit 6

Now before the purchase of the laser module out, it’s the latter part of the head and left off the head of the lens laser module and spring, with just removed the diode laser diodes replace the original, positive and negative attention to the laser diode positive and negative with the corresponding socket. Fixed diode, the lens and spring as it was back to the laser module to install the head.

Self-made high-power laser flashlight circuit 7

Unscrew the flashlight’s lamp, the lamp removed from the flashlight on and put on the head just off the laser module. If the flashlight is a plastic lens cap must also be taken down to avoid being high-power laser melting.
Finally, the lamp back together at the same time installed a flashlight battery, call it a day!
Bill of materials and the use of reminder

 Self-made high-power laser flashlight circuit 8

Bill of Materials
DVD burner × 1 280 元
Flashlight × 1 20 元
AA battery × 2 2 元
Laser module × 1 20 元
Total: 322 yuan
Tools List
Soldering iron tip
Work is expected to
10 minutes drive apart
Replacement of the laser diode 5 minutes
3-minute replacement lamp flashlight
Total: 12 minutes
Instructions for use:
Attention! DVD burner laser diode laser energy emitted powerful, it can cigarette lighter, candle, burning through the film, so in everyday use that we should be careful, otherwise very vulnerable to a number of accidents. Do not inflammable and explosive materials flashlight laser irradiation, such as alcohol, fireworks and other objects, and certainly not against the human exposure, especially the eyes, otherwise they will burn the retina, causing permanent blindness.