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Reset Protection circuit

Published on Apr 18 2011 // Protection Circuits

Principle circuit shown in Figure 1. The most advanced computer programs, including measures to prevent misuse. Like "Are you sure?" And "Do you really want to leave?", And most of us are familiar with instructions. However, even the best program can not avoid inadvertently leaving the operation of pressing the reset switch to restart the computer data loss, even when serious physical damage to the hard disk cylinder, losing important data.
  Reset switch and more embedded in the computer’s front panel, of course, to convenient operation. So you can use other measures to protect the reset process.
  Reset switch with two wires are usually connected to the computer’s motherboard. Where a ground, and yet another line connected to the reset. Reset protection circuit as shown. The circuit is inserted in between the reset switch and the motherboard, the ground must be in phase with the computer, its power directly from the computer.
  Protection circuit connected to reset after pressing the reset switch, the computer does not immediately reset, then reset the protection circuit to issue 4S beep to alert the user to reset the computer. If, in the 4S, the re-pressing the reset switch, reset the computer before it is implemented. Otherwise, the normal operation of the computer.

Reset Protection circuit.