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QPSK 2.4 GHz spread spectrum transceiver circuit-RF2948B

Published on Jul 24 2010 // Wireless Transceiver Circuits

RF2948B QPSK 2.4 GHz spread spectrum transceiver

RF2948B is a direct sequence spread spectrum transceiver which works in 2.4 GHz ISM band. It is designed for IEEE 802.1lb WLAN, high-speed digital links , wireless home gateway, secure communications links , wireless security systems and the application of digital cordless phones.

The main technical features are as follows :* 45 ~ 500 MHz IF quadrature demodulator ; * chip has a programmable baseband filter; * provide QPSK modulator and upconverter ; * power supply voltage. In the transmitting side, a QPSK modulator and upconverter are inbuilt.  In both transmitting and receiving side a single IF SAW filter is used, thereby reducing the number of SAW filters used.

To know more about this device and circuit, you can download its datasheet .