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Practical and efficient electronic mousetrap

Published on Mar 15 2011 // Pest Control Circuits

Traditional electronic mousetrap bulky heavy, takes a long time and electricity connections, not easy to field use, combined with the more sensitive to the electromagnetic field mouse, rat results are often unsatisfactory. View of the above shortcomings, the author designed a practical and efficient mousetrap circuit that rat effect, small size, light weight, low power consumption (only when the mouse touch the circuit conductors before work), and a sound and light instructions and so on. The circuit can be slightly larger capacity battery or a rechargeable battery, even in places without electricity or in the field can also be used as usual, and the circuit is simple and easy system.
First, the working principle
  Circuit shown in Figure 1. The traps by the step-up circuit and control circuit. Usually, A, B both ends of the resistance is infinite, when the mouse touch the wires A, B ends when the resistance becomes smaller, the control circuit by a cut-off state to the conduction state relay, step-up circuit, the oscillation circuit , so that L3 is about to generate 1000V ~ 1500V high voltage, and then by VD1, VD2 rectified output, the mice were killed (VD3, VD4 isolators to prevent pressure damage to the control circuit components), while information Xiangqi and light-emitting diode LED1 ~ LED3 is also connected.

 Practical and efficient electronic mousetrap 1

Second, the self-made method
  Oscillation transformer T can be black and white TV’s line output transformer core winding. After the first primary coil heating, skeleton removed, and then made skeleton. Frame by the radio wave antenna coil winding 11mm inner diameter plastic pipe and three inner diameter 14mm, 40mm diameter circular piece of plastic stuck together with glue made (Figure 2), immediately after doing around the skeleton line. 12 enameled wire with F0.25mm close in the skeleton around 25 laps, and then add a layer of paper around the green shell L1, L1 with 60 laps around the umbrella 0.39mm enamelled wire leads, D 0.15mm enamelled wire with the close circle around 2000, find the end of the winding with the same name are fixed, and then dipped in a layer of insulation on the coil to increase the insulation strength of paint. To prevent the magnetic saturation, the magnetic gap should be core to stay a little, and then fasten the core, can be fixed with glue. V1 can be slightly larger ß value of ordinary plastic power transistor, such as 3DD15, BU406 and so on.
Third, debugging
  Do not take control circuit and rectifier diode, the first A, B are two points then a fluorescent tube. Then connect the power. You should hear a slight oscillation transformer sound. Will be a 2kO 2kO fixed resistor and a variable resistor connected in series at R2, adjust the adjustable resistance, when the points to the lit lamp, and by measuring its resistance after welding to find a suitable place in the R2 can be. If the circuit does not work after power can change the L2 end of the same name, and then connected to the control circuit, with a 100kO resistor connected to A, B Department, after power control relay, such as pull-J, the hearing should Xiangqi sound, LED1-LED3 should be light. Circuit debugging is completed can be used.
  A bare copper wire can be substituted. In order to attract rodents can also hang some bait in the copper wire. B can be connected to iron or wet ground. To increase the electrical conductivity can also sprinkle some salt on the ground. Wire placed in the places frequented by rats, mice when the control circuit when touching the copper wire, connected to step-up circuit, the mice were killed, the news Xiangqi notified as soon as possible rodents pronounced dead bodies removed. Such as rat distant places and accommodation, you can use commercially available remote control component restructuring, to notify the wireless transmitter in the form of rats were killed.

 Practical and efficient electronic mousetrap 2