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Phase shift trigger circuit based on SCR KC05

Published on Oct 26 2010 // Triggering Circuits

Phase shift trigger circuit based on SCRKC05

KC05 for triac or anti-parallel thyristor AC phase control circuit. With a sawtooth good linear phase shift range, the control is simple, easy-to centralized control, there is cross protection, output current and so on. Is the exchange of dimming, the ideal voltage regulator circuit. The same also applies to half-bridge circuit control or full control of the phase control. Electrical parameters: Supply voltage: external DC voltage 15V, allowing fluctuations ± 5% (± 10% normal function). Supply current: = l2mA. Sync voltage: = l0V. Sync sync input to allow the maximum current: 3mA (RMS). Phase shift range: = l70 ° (synchronous voltage 30V, synchronization input resistance 10kO). Phase input bias current = l0µA. Ramp rate: = 7 ~ 8.5V. Output pulse: a. Pulse width: l00µs ~ 2 ms (pulse width by changing the RC components to achieve.) b. Pulse amplitude: 13V. C. Maximum output capacity: 200mA (absorption pulse current). d. Output back pressure: BVceo = l8V (test conditions: Ie = 100µA allows the use of ambient temperature:-l0 ~ 70 KC05 KC05 pin is synchronous detection, sawtooth wave forming circuit, the current comprehensive comparison amplifier, power amplifier and the loss of cross-protection circuit and other components. Synchronization of the different synchronization voltage current limiting resistor can be calculated as follows: