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Phase shift trigger circuit based on SCR KC001

Published on Oct 26 2010 // Triggering Circuits

Phase shift trigger circuit based on SCR KC 001

SCR Trigger KC001 phase shift in a variety of power supply devices mainly used in the single pulse for the thyristor phase-shift trigger. Flip-flop with a small temperature drift, phase linearity, wide-pulse triggering and so on. In the single-phase, three-phase half-controlled bridge power supply devices for phase trigger in use. Electrical parameters: Supply voltage: DC 15V,-l5V, allowing fluctuations ± 5% (± 10% when the function of normal). Supply Current: positive current = 15mA, negative current = 10mA. Sync Voltage: AC l0V (RMS). Phase shift range: a. = l50 ° (synchronous voltage l0V). b. = 210 ° (two-phase synchronous input voltage l0V, respectively). Ramp rate: = 10V (flat rate appears to ramp date). Output pulse: a. Pulse width: l0µs ~ 3.3 feet (width capacitance changes to). b. Pulse amplitude: 13V (output connected lkO resistive load). (Maximum output capacity: 15mA (sink current). D. Output back pressure: BVceo = l8V (test conditions: Ie = 20µA). Shift shed linearity error: = ± 1%. Sync input back pressure: = 15V. Synchronous Synchronization allows the maximum input current: 6mA (rms). allows the use of ambient temperature:-l0 ~ 70 ?.

KC001 KC001 pin circuit itself formed by the ramp circuit, phase voltage, bias voltage and the sawtooth voltage, said amplifier and comprehensive comparison of the trigger pulse width modulation phase shift circuit composed of three parts.