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Output byte from SOD pin

Statement: Write a program to output contents of B register LSB to MSB on the SOD pin.

Source program :

  • MVI C, 08H : Initialize count with 8
  • MOV A, B
  • BACK: RRC : Rotate B register contents right
  • MOV B, A : Save contents of register B
  • JNC SKIP : If no carry skip
  • MVI A, COH
  • SIM : If carry, send high on SOD
  • SKIP: MVI A, 40H
  • SIM : If no carry, send low on SOD.
  • NEXT: CALL DELAY : Wait for specific time
  • DCR C : Decrement count by 1
  • JNZ BACK  : if count = 0 Stop, if not repeat
  • HLT : Stop program execution

Delay subroutine:

  • Delay: LXI D, Count
  • Back: DCX D
  • MOV A, D
  • ORA E
  • JNZ Back
  • RET


Flowchart for Program

58-a.Output byte from SOD pin

Flowchart for Delay routine

58-b.Output byte from SOD pin

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