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Nokia 8210 transmission data cable circuit

Published on Oct 28 2010 // Micrcontroller circuits

Nokia 8210 transmission datacable circuit

Electronic newspaper" has published an article introduced the Nokia 5110 on how to make the transmission line, as 5110 does not support Chinese phone book, can only change the standby screen, so there is no more practical value, change the picture as to the site from the air to send a Click picture to 5110 to receive more convenient. When compared with a 8210/8850 production of the transmission line is more practical. Since 8210 features powerful than 5110, utilizing the transmission line can achieve a lot of useful functions, such as adding memory in the phone calls were Chinese, and packet directly to change the boot screen icon, adding a new ****, available directly change the Chinese language profile name (so you can choose the profile when the phone’s standby screen to show your name, etc.), management in the Chinese calendar, memo, changes in the short message in the new image information and so on. All of these can not function through the network to achieve a short message, so you would like to change a few times to change a few times to make your 8210 Make it personal qualities, different.

Figure 1 is a transmission line circuit, which is the author come through practice, beginners will be succeeded by making this circuit, in which IC is HIN232. Figure 2 is a 8210/8850 phone data interface function icon, as this interface in the mobile phone battery, is not very good then, my method is to take a size similar to the mobile phone the size of the rear opening of printing plates, trimmed into an oval in the corresponding data on the exact location of the mouth of three pins welded, the length should be as short as possible, with three enameled wire leads, connected to the relevant signal transmission line point, then the data port on the gland, replace the battery after the boot. The other end of the transmission line will be inserted in the computer’s RS232 jack on the COM2 port, and finally turn on the computer running the software, or other mobile phone Nokia mobile phone companion software (such as cell phones guru, etc.), you can achieve the functions described above.