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Music IC with light-control

Published on Oct 08 2009 // Voice circuits
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KD-1548 is a large-scale CMOS integrated circuits. The light control is triggered through an external light-sensitive resistor (CDS) to achieve light control function. It can also be used as an ordinary music integrated circuit, which is widely used in optical control reminder, alarm, light-control toys, handicrafts, etc. The typical application circuit is shown in Figure (a) and when it needs to be applied for general music, the application of integrated circuits is shown in Figure (b).

When the circuit getss triggered, it starts to play music. When the OSh key pressed, the playing music gets to an automatic cut-off. To restart the music, just press LH, and the release the LH while the will stop the music immediately. In addition, there is a class of chip interrupt capability, that is, according to OSH key to music, beginning with the immediate interruption of LH key music stops. Therefore, at the time of the purchase of KD-1548, it should pay attention to OSH and LH and also the type of operation.