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Multi functional timer circuit

Published on Mar 02 2011 // 555 Timer circuits

Multi functional timer circuit.

This time we circuits and multi-function alarm phase electronic form can be closed for regular meat, can be used for school reveille, barracks, or a collection Staff polymerization, with time provided and so on.
    Timing alarm ring circuits including the electronic form of the lead At, A2, downtown number amplifier within the Bai, one-shot timing circuit and generate hundreds Diao 5B
Three parts. Figure A1, A2 connected to the electronic table of two piezoelectric ceramic pin springs, multi-functional electronic form will Ring signal leads to trouble. Ring used in the trouble before trouble adjusting to the table in time, when the alarm sound signal will be issued.
    Alarm signaling by D: the whole magic and R1, C1 integral circuit, the integral on the Ct voltage reaches the turn-on voltage of NPN tube (about o. 6v), that after a certain dead-volume voltage, V D t turn on, its collector potential, that is 2 feet lower than the 555 set in the post-trigger vM, the 555 is the trigger set, 3 feet high transmitted power dry. Number close to the situation in worse trouble per case, v D l was closing state, 555 2 Feet high potential (VM), 555 were reset.
    Icl (555) and R3, C3 and other components of a one-shot timing circuits, monostable trigger temporary stability depends on the charge after Circuit time constant, that is,
    td = 1. IR; C9
Icon parameter is designed by 10 seconds.     Triggered in the 555 temporary stabilization time, the 3 foot high output power provides almost 2 for the Department of voltage. IC2 analog sound IC KD-5602, it is the memory of "muttered mutter" bugle sound, music about 10 seconds. Once the chip is energized and triggered Piercing bugle put the memory through vT? Amplification, driving speaker. KD-5602 a typical operating voltage for the ten 3v, Access in the circuit and therefore the R4, Dw regulator circuit, the 2Cw5I Ten 3v voltage regulator to power. KIk5602 static State of minimal power consumption (16 <1PA), fewer external components. R5, C5-chip oscillator for the external RC components, adjusting the RC time constant It is able to change the oscillation frequency or pitch.
    The whole point of the general electronic watch has a short time signal time to prevent the whole point of the signal of false triggering monostable circuit, In this circuit the input of the integrator is set R1cl only time after the alarm sound signal by the integral, to trigger the monostable circuit.