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MC1594 based AC voltage multiplier circuit

Published on Oct 06 2010 // Operational Amplifier Circuits

MC1594 based AC voltage multiplier circuits

Figure shows the AC voltage multiplication circuit. The four-quadrant multiplier circuit applications MC1594 form , the circuit is simple, somewhat less accuracy . To make the circuit work in the linear region , the input resistors R1 and R2 of the value depends on the size of the input voltage . R1 is equal to V1 Multiplied by the size of 6, R2 multiplied by the size of V2 3. If V1 = V2 = 3V, then R1 = 18kO, R2 = 9kO. With different input voltages , generally take R1 = 52kO, R2 = 30kO, but this will decrease the accuracy and linearity . The relationship between output and input as follows:
Vo = V1V2/10