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LED flashlight circuit

Published on Mar 15 2011 // Integrated DIY circuits

LED flashlight circuit.

General problems are usually small flashlight battery life is too short. According to statistics, about an ordinary flashlight power consumption of 2 watts. LED flashlight as shown in the amount of electricity is only just 24mW, 4 5 alkaline batteries provide more than 80 times the service (which means, the sustainable use of 1 month) despite the brightness of the flashlight is very limited, but When used for general lighting the road is enough.
LED flashlight is the core of a 7555 time base IC (can not use the normal 555). A white light-emitting diodes (if you can not find, can only use other colors instead of) work, the brightness of about 400mcd, so that when focused, can illuminate an object 30 meters away.
Focused approach is to install the LED in front of a short focal length focusing lens.
If you wish to use a different voltage, resistance value of R3 must be modified: 9V – 470 Euro 12V