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Item forgotten reminder circuit

Published on Mar 02 2011 // 555 Alarm circuits

Item forgotten reminder circuit.

There are two magnetic switches were installed in the taxi door on the left and right doors. Each magnetic switch by the magnet and in small water for a long time Spring tubes, a small magnet fixed to the door, the reed pipe laid at the door on the tip, usually touch dry fence tube piece is often broken state. When Passenger door of the car, magnet and reed switch isolated within the reed switch contacts to connect, to 555 feet referred to the low potential of 2, 555 set Bit into the high potential for exchange 2 provides a working power source. IC, with 555 circuits. It with R2, C1, R:, c3, etc. to form a monostable trigger circuit. Low potential to trigger the 555 state in the transient stability, transient stability time tdll. 1R: C1 Picture shows the duration of transient stability parameters about 36 seconds. 555 Discovery after almost a high-power R ‘, Dw 4.5V voltage regulator output after ten, As Ic2 operating voltage.
    ICz voice still using cM LH560 series chip integrated circuits for chip packaging structure of the black soft-paste, memory of "please bring Your item "and other statements. LH560 series of devices operating voltage 2.4-4.5v, there are two trigger-side, using a choice of First, almost triggering method is high, once the trigger is sound, driven by vT amplified speakers broadcast. For the oscillation resistor R5 can be 910L-1.2M range of options, adjust the resistance R5, the Secretary to change the tone of voice.