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Isolation amplifier circuit

Published on Oct 25 2010 // Power Amplifier Circuits

Isolation amplifiercircuit

Shown are Burr-Brown 3652 formed the basis of isolation amplifier circuit. 3652 The isolation and some non-isolated power supply 722 by private power, the power generating two separate ± 15V power supply, each power supply are isolated with the 50/60Hz AC power supply, 722 power supply itself from the AC power from the ± 12V power supply. In some cases, non-isolated part (connected to the output) from 50/60Hz AC power from a bipolar DC power supply, such as ± 12V or ± l5V power. But in any case, the DC power supply is not isolated from AC power. The circuit’s voltage gain is approximately:

most cases, the design often need to know the gain setting resistor, which will transform the above equation can be obtained by R1 R2:
Where R1 and R2 units for Europe, Av is the required voltage gain.