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Integrated liquid level sensor circuit in automotive application using LM1042

Published on Jan 06 2011 // Sensor application circuits

Integrated liquid level sensor circuit in automotive application using LM1042.

LM1042 in the car as shown in the application circuit. Power from the 12V battery. Using oil pressure switch S1 to select the probe. S1 is closed when the car ignition, 8 feet by the wind will pull into a low, select the probe a liquid level measurement tank. S1 to start working after the engine off, U to 8 feet through VD1 pulled high, change the level measured by the auxiliary probe 2. Even if the engine stall, C5 to remain 8 feet high, can be measured against the probe 1. HL for the oil pressure warning lights. VD2 prevent the power supply polarity reversal. RP1 probe used to adjust the operating current, so I = 200mA. RP2 used to calibrate the duration of each measurement. When S2 is closed, COSC is short, choose the single measurement mode. Disconnect the selection of repeated measures model S2. To change the voltage gain of A4 can be access along the dotted line in the figure resistor R7. Digital voltmeter connected Uo2 between the client and Uo1, using R5, C6 to filter out high frequency interference instrument input.s