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Hc244 ByteBlasterII download cable circuit

Published on Oct 27 2010 // Micrcontroller circuits

Hc244 ByteBlasterII download cable circuit

In a good driver win2000 download, plug in parallel port cable, start Q4.2, knew it was ByteBlasterMV, then the other end into the target board JTAG interface. In the download window, mode is the default JTAG, add files and found two extensions that time did not care about, try out the only *. sof’s do it, and then Start, everything went well.

Later learned that there is a cable in the form of ByteBlasterII, Cyclone series of lines corresponding configuration recorder chip EPCS1 so it must be used, and JTAG interface to the data to burn to a Cyclone no power, can only be used for debugging. Press into a single 244 ways MV II, or that drive, do not reinstall, plug, start Q4.2, automatically recognize a ByteBlasterII. The other end into the target board AS_download interface, open the download window, mode or JTAG mode the default. Next is the problem: because the previously used JTAG to download, the window also left *. sof the entry, so the mode changed to AS (Active Serial Programming) when prompted "some devices in current device list cannot be added to selected programming mode Active Serial Programming. Do you want to clear all devices in current device list andth to selected mode? ". Point to determine, *. sof entry disappeared, according to the previous tips, go to point "Add Devices …", select the pop-up window Cyclone series, OK, and then it prompts:" Can’t add target device ** *** to device chain when in current device mode ". Point in the JTAG mode, "Auto Detect" or "Add Device …", generates none of the entries for the corresponding file to your Device, and in AS mode Auto Detect button is grayed out is not available. Was done by two-section 244 program download cable, the problem remains. Almost on the line to buy the original.

The correct mode of operation is the original direct point "Add File …", the paper it is recognized only *. pof, open the appropriate file, there will be *. pof entry (device is automatically recognized EPCS1), start the download, OK ! TNND, turned out to be misled by the JTAG operation, since does not work, Q4.2 in the AS mode should be "Add Device …" button on screen!

Then I thought, despite the high speed FPGA, but the download is subject to restrictions on the parallel port, the signal can not be higher than the speed of 1Mbps, cross-interference is not large, the IO voltage higher than 2.5V, the chip HC244 fully competent, with vain form of two-piece form or transistor; the IO voltage is lower than 2.5v transistors that can only be used when the present.

Tips for beginners: When you want to piece of the purpose of downloading Program / Configure checkbox on the hook. Also, JTAG interface target board AS_download interface is completely different from the two physical interfaces, as detailed datasheet.

E carefully read all the text is good datasheet, lest the time to explore detours, of course, but also the software itself is the perfect place prepared Debu