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Hand controlled self power flashlight circuit

Published on Mar 15 2011 // Integrated DIY circuits

Sometimes our flashlight batteries no electricity, and at another not buy batteries, they need light, and perhaps this paper the hand self power flashlight can solve your immediate need.
Shake the hand self power flashlight circuit shown in Figure 1. Schematic diagram of the structure shown in Figure 2. When using the flashlight, shake flashlight to make it move up and down the magnets 7, which produce electricity through the coil 6, and then by Figure 2 in the rectifier D1-D4, C1 CR2032 charge to the battery energy storage through the switch to send white light-emitting diodes achieved Since the power generation function.

 Hand controlled self power flashlight circuit 1

In Figure 1, 1 cylindrical plastic skeleton; 2 3 glowing LED circuit board; 4 is made with copper switches; 5 is to the left of the CR2032 battery position; 6 for the air core coils, inductance about 33mh, diameter about φ.2mm; 7 for the powerful magnets in the cylinder so that it can be smoothly moved up and down. 8 for the focusing lens, between it and the plastic frame with rubber seal, so that the light is more concentrated, longer range; 9 for the rubber damping ring magnets to avoid direct impact plastic frame. Material as the above one, and then right into the plastic flashlight casing 10. Flashlight slide switch 11 and corresponding copper circuit board, then screw on the torch cap 12. The torch will be able to use.
We can shake the flashlight up and down. It can continuously shine. As a result of super-bright LED white hair and has lens focus, brightness and focus range of more than only the fifth special battery power flashlight. But the torch is also a significant disadvantage is that in order to keep constant light shake. To overcome this disadvantage and cost savings, we do not use lithium rechargeable batteries to increase energy storage. But in the C1 and connected at both ends of two CR2032 lithium batteries. Practice has proved that the torch as the electricity consumption is about 30mA, the new battery can be a long time, power is not enough to spend some time shaking the flashlight can ask. Repeated after the complete failure of the battery, remove the battery can continue to work. If your economic conditions permit, will replace the lithium battery is the ideal rechargeable battery that was.

 Hand controlled self power flashlight circuit 2