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Gyroscope circuit with Flash Music

Published on Apr 20 2011 // Gyro Sensor Circuits

Figure is a schematic flash music gyroscope, which is music from the three-terminal integrated circuit ICl UM66T19L and a variety of colors composed of light-emitting diode LEDl ~ LED4. Gyro in the rotation process, as centrifugal force, the centrifugal switch Sl connected, the power directly added to the four light-emitting diode, and its light. While ICl is also connected to power, BL buzzer sent music. Centrifugal switch S can be flexible metal, and several adjustments made to achieve better results. In addition, the movement of gyroscope is a rotating body, the overall balance is very important. Therefore, the printed circuit board not only to pay attention to the symmetrical layout, taking into account the balance of the weight of the vertical direction.

Gyroscope circuit with Flash Music.