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error in assembly coding

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    When i run or build my code, i got this message: Unresolved operand(s).

    I do not know what does means.





    Whats the assembler are you using?



    Hi Binu,
    Thank for your reply.
    Whats the assembler are you using? do you means:Reads51 V3.x absolute assembler and Reads51 V4 relative assembler or some thing else?

    on the options => tools chain/target option: if i select Reads51 V4 relative assembler and run my code, i got errors. but if i select Reads51 V3.x absolute assembler and run/build the code, i do not get errors.

    From the above, I learned that Reads51 V3.x absolute assembler is to be used if your target is not a real embedded circuit board but instead is PC chip simulator, and the output is SimIO.

    please correct me for the above if i am wrong. i am just learning.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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