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8255 Connector Details

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    Image Insert:

    1. PA0
    2. PA1
    3. PA2
    4. PA3
    5. PA4
    6. PA5
    7. PA6
    8. PA7
    9. PB0
    10. PB1
    11. PB2
    12. PB3
    13. PB4

    14. PB5
    15. PB6
    16. PB7
    17. PC0
    18. PC1
    19. PC2
    20. PC3
    21. PC4
    22. PC5
    23. PC6
    24. PC7
    25. GND
    26. VCC (+5v)

    PA0-PA7 = Port A I/O Lines
    PB0-PA7 = Port B I/O Lines
    PC0-PA7 = Port C I/O Lines

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    i need detail connection detail of automatic night lamp with morning alarm




    Go through the circuit diagram & program from the projects page



    You can find chip datasheets for free at



    i want know what output should we get at the ic555 3rd pin to check in the cro.what wavefarm should i get and i tried but i did not get any o/p in cro.



    For which project you are asking.



    d pin dig of d connector does not match to d 1 given in d circuit dig. of digital person counter. why??



    this image for 8255 is of 26 pins whereas what i have bought from the market is of 40 pins …. will it make any difference



    The image shown in this page is not the pin diagram of 8255, its just a connector used in our trainer kit. The Connector lines are connected to the 8255 in the trainer kit.
    8255 is a 40pin IC.



    can i get the circuit diagram ?

    actually want to start it with out trainer kit



    hey binu,can can you tell me how much will cost to make this project infra red remort switch using 8085 microprocessor,and plz give the circuit diagram explanation.and which pin of 8255 is connected to 8085?reply me as soon as possible.




    why do u need a connector to connect the 8255ic to 555timer?..why cant we connect directly?? will there be any prob without using connector?



    in stepper motor control project, i run the program but it is run 4 step only,program is put in loop for 1 complete cycle. What is the problem?



    post it over the correct forum.



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