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Explanation of Instruction set of 8086 with free Sample Programs –Data Transfer Instructions4

Published on Oct 29 2009 // 8086 Instruction set, 8086 Sample programs


  • LAHF Instruction – Load Register AH From Flags

LAHF instruction copies the value of SF, ZF, AF, PF, and CF, into bits of 7, 6, 4, 2, 0 respectively of AH register. This LAHF instruction was provided to make conversion of assembly language programs written for 8080 and 8085 to 8086 easier.

  • SAHF instruction – Store AH Register into FLAGS

SAHF instruction transfers the bits 0-7 of AH of SF, ZF, AF, PF, and CF, into the Flag register.

  • PUSHF Instruction – Push flag register on the stack

This instruction decrements the SP by 2 and copies the word in flag register to the memory location pointed to by SP.

  • POPF Instruction – Pop word from top of stack to flag – register.

This instruction copies a word from the two memory location at the top of the stack to flag register and increments the stack pointer by 2.