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Execution format of instructions

Published on Nov 16 2009 // Learners

Statement: Read the program given below and state the contents of all registers after the execution of each instruction in sequence.

Main program:

4000H     LXI SP, 27FFH

4003H     LXI H, 2000H

4006H     LXI B, 1020H

4009H     CALL SUB

400CH     HLT

Subroutine program:

4100H     SUB: PUSH B

4101H     PUSH H

4102H     LXI B, 4080H

4105H     LXI H, 4090H

4108H     SHLD 2200H

4109H     DAD B

410CH     POP H

410DH     POP B

410EH     RET


The table given gives the instruction sequence and the contents of all registers and stack after execution of each instruction.


 12 - Execution format of instructions



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