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Electroporation elimination of cockroaches (experimental)

Published on Mar 15 2011 // Pest Control Circuits

Electroporation elimination of cockroaches (experimental).

We are here (Urumqi) rain less dry. Rarely see mosquitoes in summer, but the cockroaches are disaster. Currently, most methods used to put bait destroy them, although there are some results, but also pollutes the environment.
Read "Electronic News" published an article on e-Mie Wenying device immediately after the association as to whether such devices can also be used to trap and kill cockroaches? So hands-on experiments. Experimental now for an introduction to the readers. Readers in any good way to kill cockroaches magic bullet, please share the author.
First make a shock plate, with ? 1mm of bare copper wire on a 8cm × 16cm of thin plastic sheet parallel to the wiring, and perforation of fixed line and line spacing of 3mm. Then use the same copper wire welded wire cloth good, it is divided into a, b two, leaving a gap to put the middle of the bait. Good shock plate system shown in Figure 1.
Several high-voltage generating circuit testing program and found that difficult to climb the low voltage electric shock killed cockroaches board, although too high can kill cockroaches, dead cockroaches, but will stick to the circuit board, also issued a paste flavor a little longer . After gaining experience, decided to use four times the pressure of the circuit shown in Figure 2. The voltage level appropriate. Plug the device, after one night, electric shock, only two small cockroaches board. Patient observation experiment began. Through observation, found in the power situation, cockroaches would bypass the paddles away, do not climb. And unplug the power, they will eat the bait up the paddles, then quickly power can be seen cockroaches were killed immediately. And will not be stuck, and no paste taste. Analyze the reasons may be the cockroaches of the shock is very sensitive to the electric field around the plate so that it can not climb.
Based on the above ideas, with 555 circuit produced a self-excited oscillator, the oscillator is powered by AC220V buck by C5, D5 rectifier, C6 filtering available. Battle 555 feet when the output high, the relay J is not action, the board no-voltage electric shock; Battle 555 feet when the low output, J Pick, electric shock, high-pressure board. Adjusting R2 and R3, so that the device has power electrode plate for 5 seconds to 3 minutes without electricity intermittent work. As a result, a significant increase in cockroach effect.
Finally, take note that the cockroach with the device, if the while taking advantage of cockroaches like the dark, greasy, sweet habit, and its effective will be more pronounced. Therefore, the device should be placed in the dark, warm place, preferably with cotton soaked in sugar or sesame oil group as bait, there will be a large concentration of cockroach bait. Especially at night, there will be a large number of cockroaches into the "trap", and were killed one by one. Since the whole circuit and electricity connected, making use must pay attention to safety! Figure 3 is a circuit diagram.