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Electronic swatter circuit diagram with PCB

Published on Mar 15 2011 // Pest Control Circuits

 Electronic swatter circuit diagram with PCB 1

Electronic swatter circuit diagram with PCB  2

(A) of the circuit is commonly used in typical electronic mapping down mosquito shot circuit;
(B) of the oscillation transformer: winding sealed with insulating paint, can not know the number of laps and hope to provide a master laps, thank you!
Oscillator alternating output voltage of the transformer, the peak of about 350V.
(C) of the oscillation transistor: As used in the current amplification factor of the tube mixed, if used, feel encouraged victims of heat pipe can be connected in series at the base about a 100 ohm resistor limits the base current, can be cool.
(D) rectifier: 4 times the pressure half-wave rectifier circuit, the output DC high voltage of about 1.4KV so.