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Electronic pest control light circuit

Published on Mar 15 2011 // Pest Control Circuits

This example describes an electronic insect lamp circuit makes use of the moths and other pests phototaxis, induced by light, high pressure shock method to kill pests. The device can automatically turn on at night, during the day and can automatically shut down.
Circuit Work
The e-pest control light from the light control circuit switches, and voltage doubling rectifier circuit, as shown.

Electronic pest control light circuit.

Circuit, the light control switch circuit by the photosensitive resistor RG, the capacitor CO, lamp EL, resistor R, two-way trigger diode and the thyristor V VT composition; double voltage rectifier circuit by the capacitor Cl of a C5 and a V rectifier diode VD1 D5 composition.
In the daytime, RG was affected by light exposure to the low resistance state, the CO short-circuit, VT without triggering voltage is off, voltage rectifier circuit does not work. When no light exposure at night, RG resume high-impedance state, AC 220V voltage by the EL and R charge of the CO, when the voltage charge on the CO to a certain value, V conduction, so that VT triggered by conduction, doubler rectifier circuit power work. AC 220V voltage doubler rectifier circuit by the pressure of five times the rectifier, the resulting increase of about 1450V high-voltage power line stubble. When a flying insect phototaxis to touch the grid, the pressure will immediately be killed.
Component selection
R 1W metal film resistors used.
RG selected series of photosensitive resistor MGL, the light resistance should be less than or equal to 3 kfl, dark resistance is greater than or equal to 5Mn.
CO polyester selected capacitor voltage is 160V; C1 C5 are selected voltage value of a 600V high-voltage paper capacitor or CBB capacitor.
VD1 VD5 are made of a type 1 N4007 diode rectifier.
DB3 or 2CTS V series use two-way trigger diode.
VT or TCL336A use 3 CTS3/600 V-type (3A, 600V) of the bidirectional thyristor.
Use 3W white EL lamp cold cathode type.
Power Network, the outer layers made of metal mesh: the inner metal wire spacing is small (about 2mm), used for hunting smaller size of the black-tailed leafhopper, rice thrips, planthoppers, White-winged leafhopper and other pests; outer metal mesh spacing is large (about lomm), used for hunting large Sesamia inferens body, stem borer, yellow rice borer, pests, etc. Regardless thread.