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Electrocardiogram (ECG) amplifier circuit

Published on Oct 25 2010 // Power Amplifier Circuits

Electrocardiogram ECG amplifier circuit

Cardiovascular disease is a relatively common disease, with the accelerated pace of life, living standards and health awareness, people need health care at any time of the heart and can be critical in comparing the case of timely diagnosis and treatment. ECG signal is to rely on the general placement of electrodes in the wrist and ankle to obtain, but also some of the electrode adsorbed in the chest, between the electrode and the skin contact resistance, the amplifier input current flows through the resistor voltage drop will have on it played a role in signal attenuation, and may cause unwanted interference, so the amplifier has a high common mode rejection ratio, and higher input impedance.

Electrocardiogram shown in Figure (ECG) amplifier circuit, in addition to using the transformer coupled isolation amplifier 3656, also uses a precision operational amplifier OPA177 (offset voltage = 10µV, offset voltage drift of 0.1µV / ?, a large open loop gain at 130dB, typical quiescent current of 1.5mA), the aim is to use the OPA177 and the 3656 in the Al composition of the input stage op amp instrumentation amplifier with high impedance input differential.