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Electric fan control circuit with music

Published on Apr 26 2011 // Fan control circuits

 Electric fan control circuit with music

Circuit as shown. It consists of relaxation oscillator, pulse count were frequency circuit, SCR control socket circuits, voice circuits and exchange music buck rectifier circuit. It issued a simulated natural wind, it is also accompanied by 12 world famous theme of the broadcast, giving the United States pleasure. VT1 single junction transistor BT33, it R1 ~ R3, C1, etc. to form a relaxation oscillator, the oscillation period:

Electric fan control circuit with music 1

where is the single-junction transistor divider ratio, BT33 of ?=0.3 ~ 0.55. Icon parameter oscillation period To=4.5 ~ 7.5s. RP1 to adjust the oscillation period around the 6s.