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Electric DC motor speed control schematic Circuit based o n SCR KJZ1

Published on Oct 26 2010 // SCR special circuit

 Electric DC motor speed control schematic Circuit based o nSCR KJZ1

KJZl DC motor speed control board for low power DC motor speed control, a voltage negative feedback, negative feedback function of speed. Users can select the motor speed or voltage negative feedback negative feedback negative feedback form Pl and current double closed loop regulator, the control phase voltage SCR trigger will control the voltage amplitude is converted to the corresponding conduction angle is large enough to trigger the power high-power thyristor pulse drive, change the DC voltage to achieve speed control purposes. The board has the following characteristics: a. With a rectifier regulator device, resulting in ± 15v and 24V DC voltage for the board to use. b. Output pulse is the pulse train. c. Using a dedicated circuit KJ004, KJ042, F747, control panel, small size, full-featured. d. Voltage and current feedback op amp input and dual, respectively constitute the regulator, speed performance, easy adjustment. Phase voltage electrical parameters: 0 ~ 10V (variable on request). Phase shift range: = l70 °. Supply voltage: (220 ± 10)%. Output rated current: 1 ~ 20A. Speed ratio: up to 20:1. The formation of the trigger pulse: pulse train modulation, pulse train frequency is 5 ~ 10kHz. Links to control panel and the external circuit as shown.

electric DC motor speed control board schematic
plot points as the board generally 4kW DC Motor Speed Control with the following. 1kW DC motor used in the above must be added in the reactor; used under 11kW DC motor without power reactor.